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26 Our BEST SHOW!:
"The BEST of
The Truth Academy about Homosexuality" --
The BEST 200 video clips from the 25-Part Truth Academy fast-paced 60-munute overview.
ALL 12 (and more) Speakers from the "Truth Academy about Homosexuality" Series    
1. Recruiting: the 5 Panelists at the "NMC Gay & Lesbian Forum" were recruiting student "allies" (You can watch this clip at the end of our Season 2 Week 5 Show);

Avoiding: TCFamily has contacted The Record Eagle, Northern Express, and Interlochen Public Radio, but ALL have avoided reporting on the Truth Academy about Homosexulity Series, which is THE LARGEST series on THE most controversial issue of homosexuality in the country, and which is in THEIR OWN BACKYARD!;

Promoting: Our Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS) is promoting homosexuality to Kindergarteners - 12th grade via the two year old girl in the "Be Yourself Always Everywhere" Campaign, and the "Building Bridges with Music" Program's links to homosexual-promoting Lady Gaga (See our Season 2 Week 1 Show Local Info for details);

Three Stages of Truth: 1st it is ridiculed; 2nd it is violently opposed; 3rd it is accepted as being self-evident;

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1 Opening and Closing Remarks:
"From gay pride to gay tyranny"
Peter LaBarbera 1 &2 of 2 President of Americans for Truth (1) TCAPS' "Be Yourself Always Everywhere" campaign;

(2) Building Bridges with Music links to Lesbian Lady Gaga;

(3) NEA's promotion of homosexuality to children (18 min)
2 18
2 History of modern 'gay' activism and the courts Prof. Rena Lindervaldsen 1 of 3 Liberty University School of Law (1) INTRO: (4 MIN) Discusses SPLC's putting FRC on its "Hate List" -- with subsequent shooting by Flyod Corkins at FRC -- with The Record Eagle's "hit piece" on me (mentioning "hate" 8 times), and subsequent attack on me at the NMC Barbeque;

CLOSING: Discussion of the Southern Poverty Law Center's "Ten Falsehoods about Homosexuality", by AFA's Bryan Fischer (8 min)
4 8
3 Homosexuality and the Media:
What the media won't tell you about the 'gay rights' movement
Cliff Kincaid 1 of 3 Accuracy in Media Bill Wiesner addresses the local Human Rights Commission about:

(1) the "hate-crime" complaint he filed against the 2 men who attacked his sign at the NMC Barbeque in 2012;

(2) How the local HRC is promoting homosexuality, ultimately to the Kindergarteners - 12th grade (13 min)
2 13
4 The born gay hoax Ryan Sorba 1 of 2 Young Conservatives of California What same-sex 'marriage' has done to Massachusetts (Includes 14 Areas: we look at #1 here -- The public schools (10 min) 2 10
5 (1) Can Gays Change?

What About Gay Parenting?
Arthur Goldberg 1 of 2 JONAH (Jews Offering Healthy Alternatives to Homosexuality INTRO: (first 4 MIN)
(1) Explain stated reason for Show Time changes to midnight, ie Paul Revere;
CLOSING: (Last 9 min)
(2) Share clips from the NMC "Gay & Lesbian Forum" (2009), where:
(A) Homosexual NMC PR Director Paul Heaton encourages students to "come out"; and
(B) Five homosexual Panelist speakers all recruit LGBT "Allies";
(3) Relate this to Dr. John MacArthur's sermon: "Homosexuality and the Campaign for Immorality" (9 min)
4 9
The Battle for the culture
Greg Quinlan 1 of 2 PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (1) Vic McCarty Radio Show allegations against TCFamily;

(2) Dr. Judith Reisman shares how the fraudulant "Science" of the homosexual & pediphile Alfred Kinsey has replaced U.S. Common Laws that were based on the Bible (14 min)
2 14
7 From abomination to 'gay':
Answering 'queer theology' -- Old Testament
Prof. Robert Gagnon 1 of 3 Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (1) Ben Gohs (Boyne City Gazette News Editor) believes in reporting on ALL newsworthy information;

(2) Bill Wiesner WAS Agnostic and Ben Gohs IS a stated Atheist: Google "Why Christianity Tract", Little Jessica pp 5&6;

(3) Ben Gohs "points the finger of shame" on the "moderate scoundrels" in 31 states who voted for the marriage amendment. (and LGBTQ College and University Lecturer / Advocate Greg Baird agrees;

(4) 87% of Alfred Kinsey's data subjectc were criminals, etc!;

(5) 40 - 90% of homosexuals were abused sexually as children;
(6) Jerry Sandusky -- Penn State Pediphile;
(7) Pedophiles' Sexual Abuse Cycle;
(8) "Cultural Abuse" and "Cultural Wounds";
(9) TCAPS Cultural Abuse & Wounds!
(10) Kinsey the Pedophile and Father of the (Homo)Sexual Revolution portraits on supporting Traverse City Public Buildings;
(11) Dr. John MacArthur sermon quote: "...if you ADVOCATE a life of sexual sin ... you will not inherit the Kingdom of God."

(12) TC Central United Methodist Church's visiting speaker Anne P. Browne "Disagrees with God"
2 9
8 The battle over blood:
'gay' health risks and public policy
Cliff Kincaid 2 of 3 Accuracy in Media   1 7
9 The zero-sum game:
Homosexuality-based rights vs. religioius & First Amendment Freedoms
Prof. Rena Lindervaldsen 2 of 3 Liberty University School of Law   1 8
10 The Gender Confusion Agenda:
"transgender rights"
Arthur Goldberg 2 of 2 JONAH (Jews Offering Healthy Alternatives to Homosexuality   1 9
11 "Safe Schools" and GLSEN:
Some of these are anything but safe!
1 of 3)
Linda Harvey 1 of 3 "Mission America" President   2 9
12 "Safe Schools" and GLSEN:
Some of these are anything but safe!
2 of 3)
Linda Harvey 2 of 3 "Mission America" President   1 11
13 But Jesus never said anything about homosexuality:
Anwering 'Queer Theology' -- New Testament
Prof. Robert Gagnon 2 of 3 Pittsburgh Theological Seminary   1 14
14 Destructive Legacy:
Alfred Kinsey and the (Homo) Sexual Revolution
Robert Knight 1 of 2 Coral Ridge Ministries   2 10
15 The legal strategy to stop homosexual 'marriage':
triumphs and pitfalls
Prof. Rena Lindervaldsen 3 of 3 Liberty University School of Law   2 4
16 The big, pink plan for a lavender culture Greg Quinlan 2 of 2 PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays Alfie's Home 3 19
17 Panel Discussion:
What strategies can we implement to best turn the issue of homosexuality around to favor the conservative / pro-family perspective?
Panelists:  Rena Lindevaldsen, Matt Barber, Laurie Higgins, Ryan Sorba, Arthur Goldberg, Cliff Kincaid, Robert Knight, Robert Gagnon, Gregg Quinlan;
Moderator: Peter LaBarbera
1 of 1     2 6
18 From destroying DOMA to homosexualizing the military:
Obama's radical homosexual / transsexual agenda for America
Robert Knight 2 of 2 Coral Ridge Ministries   1 9
19 Agreeing with God:
A truly biblical approach toward 'out and proud' homosexuality
Prof. Robert Gagnon 3 of 3 Pittsburgh Theological Seminary   1 1
20 Can you be in support of homosexual activism and be conservative?:
Confronting the pro-'gay' Right
Cliff Kincaid 3 of 3 Accuracy in Media (Had to cut 15 minutes off the end of Cliff Kincaid's talk) 2 6
21 The Global Threat of Homosexuality
(Part 1 of 2)
Dr. and Pastor Scott Lively 1 of 1 Defend The Family.com   2 5
22 Confronting the zeitgeist:
New strategies to turn around younger Americans on 'gay rights'
Ryan Sorba 2 of 2 Young Conservatives of California   2 8
23 1. "Bird's-Eye View of the Homosexual Movement + Sharing the Truth in Love

2. Don't Ask, Don't Bleed:
Stopping Obama's campaign to homosexualize the U.S. military.
Matt Barber 1 of 1 Associate Dean at Liberty University School of Law   2 8
24 "Safe Schools" and GLSEN:
Some of these are anything but safe!
3 of 3)
Linda Harvey 3 of 3 "Mission America" President (NMC Barbeque Attack) 2 14
25 1. It's Not Gay
Former homosexuals tell a story few have heard

"The Bully Scam" by Michael Voris

The Global Threat of Homosexuality
2 of 2)
American Family Association Movie:     1. Homosexual Activist Brian Simerson confronted while we were handing out "Preventing Bullying at your school" handouts in front of the State Theatre, calling me hateful and saying something about anal sex and coming to protest at my house.

2. Doctor's view of anal sex

3. Concerns at TCAPS over "Be Yourself Always Everywhere" Campaign to 2 year olds on up, and "Building Bridges with Music" links to homosexual star Lady Gaga

4. Two clips showing "NMC Gay & Lesbian Forum" panelists recruiting impressionable NMC students as "Allies". (2009)
(5 min)
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